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1. To join snape_het you need to:
(a) Be over 18 years of age, with an age statement or your date of birth visible in your Livejournal User Profile to confirm this.
(b) Read the rules of the community and comment to the Rules Post, stating that you understand and will meet them when posting.

2. Respect other members.
Flaming, attacking, harassing or other such negative behaviour towards other members is NOT acceptable. If you have problems with another member please PM (or otherwise contact) one of the Moderators, and we will be happy to help.

3. Content.
(a) To comply with Livejournal's TOS, all characters must be of age if they participate in any sexual acts. They must be over 18.
NOTE: We are aware that there are a lot of fics out there with underage Severus/Lily (or other female). In keeping with Livejournal's TOS, we have decided that we will;
  • allow such fiction, but not art where there are underage sexual acts depicted.
  • ask that you lock all such fiction so that only members of snape_het can view them if you post here.
    (b) All entries must include the proper rating and warnings. Please be sure to tag your entries and list warnings as necessary.
    (c) All entries containing or linking to work with a rating of R or NC17 should be locked to members only.
    (d) snape_het is a Severus Snape/female character (whether canon or OC) centric community. Therefore all posts should be centred around pairing Snape with a female character in some way. PLEASE NOTE: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape is not permitted in this community, except as a secondary pairing. Please use lovedraughts, an SS/HG centric community, instead.
    (e) Threesomes are acceptable, but please say who the third character is (as well as the female paired with Snape, of course), in order to avoid disappointing readers/viewers. If there is any slash/femslash (m/m, f/f) content, please remember to tag and say so in the warnings.

    4. Posting to the community.
    (a) Please tag your entries. If you find a tag missing, please PM a mod. An explanation of the tag system at snape_het is here.
    (b) Any entries longer than 10 lines should use an lj-cut for lines 11 and up. All images should be placed under an lj-cut. [LJ-Cut FAQ]
    (c) Fake cuts are acceptable, but please ensure the entry you link to is not friends locked. [Fake cut help]
    (d) We will not be hosting fic searches here. Please go to hpstoryfinders if you need help finding a specific fic.
    (e) When posting, we strongly advise you to use plain text. Bold, italic, underline, strike etc are all fine, but altering the colour of the text can make it hard for some people to read.
    (f) Please use the following as a guide to posting entries:

  • To post fiction or art.
    Entry title format: [Fic/Art] Title (Rating)
    The text box below can used as a guide on what to include in the entry above the lj-cut/fake cut. Feel free to copy & paste it into your entry to use as guide.

  • To post meta.
    Entry title format: [Meta] Title
    Anything goes here: questions, essays, comments, and thoughts. Just please keep on topic!
  • To post a rec.
    Entry title format: [Rec] Art/Fic/Other: Title *delete as appropriate*
    Feel free to use the art/fic guide as an idea of how to post. The only thing we do ask is that you use an lj-cut if necessary.

    5. Finally.
    Have fun! If in doubt, please ask a mod! We aren't trying to be control freaks and we will be flexible when we can. We're just trying to ensure that posts are easy to read and sort through with these rules. That's good, right?
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